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A dr. appt I am actually looking forward to!!

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Hi friends,

I wanted to share with you my excitement at a Dr. visit I have scheduled for next Thursday, June 3 at the Block Institute for Integrative Cancer Care in Evanston, Illinois.

I will first see the physican's assistant for a history and physical, then the MD for a consult, and then a registered dietitian for diet and nutritional supplement consultation.

Having done everything medical science has offered to treat this, I am doing fine, but I need to know I'm doing everything I can to stay healthy. I wanted to meet with some people who can provide complementary, not alternative medicine to what I already do.

I've been reading and researching and talking to people, and have taken some really good advice from all kinds of places, this website included, regarding health, nutrition, exercise, supplements, etc., but I have to get a professional opinion. I found myself wondering what the guy at the GNC might recommend and then I thought, you know, I have to get to a registered dietition. Not that the GNC guy doesn't know and would ever mean any harm, it's just that our cases are so complicated, I don't want to do anything that would in the end cause harm.

So, I have been faxing away tons of medical records to them--that's a project in itself, and am eagerly waiting for this 3 1/2 hour going-over session.

I will certainly keep anyone who is interested posted in what they recommend. At first I told them I wasn't interested in the second set of appointments which are physical therapy and something else, but now after reading about that session, it seems more like fitness than rehab. They do a BMI index and all that and I do have some weight gain issues after all this....we'll see. I can always go back.

Insurance wise, they pre-contact your insurance company and notify you of what the insurance will cover. In my case, they are out of network and will pay at 70% everything except for the dietary consultation, which is about $170.00. We have another fund here at work that may pay that, but even if they don't, it seems like a small price to pay for something that could make a real difference........

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That all sounds great and I look forward to hearing how all of it goes. I think it is very important and hope, if I ever get a break in chemo, to attempt a similar program. Good luck and I'm sure it will be a very meaningful endeavor.


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Sounds great! Please keep me posted on what they say and what protocol they put you on if it's not too much trouble. I am VERY interested. Thanks.

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Will they do wet and dry microscopies and blood panel? I saw a MD for this and attended a group nutritional class. I got various infusions intraveneously as my signature states, to treat the deficiencies within my body and boost my immune system. I found it really made me feel better. I am taking a break now, but will go back in the near future. I am waiting to see what my onc wants me to do in July after my CT results. Keep us posted about your doctor visit.


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I don't really know exactly what this doctor's visit will bring. I know that I'm faxing medical records like crazy to their office, which is good, because I've just beent through all kinds of blood work and I don't want to repeat it unless necessary. I'm just excited to be doing something that I hope will prove to be proactive and maybe the last link in prevention for me.

I think back to last year's Memorial Day weekend and I was so terrified I couldn't even leave the house and we were waiting to have an initial consult with the chest surgeon on the Tuesday following Memorial Day. July 4th I was recovering from surgery and Labor Day I was doing chemo. So much for those fun summer holidays.....this year, though is going to be all different. Pretty much doing what we want and enjoying ourselves. Tomorrow it's out to see that movie--the Day after Tomorrow and then Mexican food (complete with frozen margueritas) for dinner. Today I made homemade ice cream and we're getting a lot of storms, but watched the White Sox on TV and hung out with my mom for a while...everything's fine compared to the terror of last Memorial Day.

I will indeed keep you all posted about my doc's visit.

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