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The results are in!


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I posted this as a reply in prayer requests...but was so happy today I wanted to post in Good News for a change!!


The results are in and the x-ray was GREAT! Actually the Dr. said it looked better than last time, which is odd because he said last time that it looked as though the left tumor was gone because it couldn't be seen on the x-ray.... WHo am I to argue with good news? Perhaps the area in the lung around that old tumor looks better ? Who knows- Plan stays the same and Dad does chemo one day every two weeks.

I know, I know a CT would be better, but that is coming next month as scheduled and I will take GREAT x-rays anyday!!! Thanks for the prayers all of you!


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Guest canuckwebgrrl

Katie, I'm thrilled for you and your Dad :!:

I was so pleased to see you post in the good news section, let's meet back here soon :D

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