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Prayers Please


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Not a good way to start a holiday week end but I am headed up to my Doctors main office (90 miles away). I have been feeling down all week so today I asked them to run a check on my blood and see if I needed a transfusion. Turns out my blood is ok so now we don't know what is causing the problems. They want me to come up there so they can run some more tests and stick me in the "big" hospital if needed. All I know is it better be all worked out by the 3rd cause I AM going to MN come HE** or High water (which we have a lot of here right now, lol).

I (or my daughter) will post whats happening later tonight.

God Bless you all!



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Wow, Shooog....Here's hoping it's seasonal allergies or something brought on by the molds/mildews from all that high water and your prescription is to get the Hell outta Dodge for a week or so!

Positive vibes are coming your way!



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Mo, I will pray for you with all of my heart. You're a very sweet person and deserve the best.


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Thank you all so very much for the prayers and good wishes.

They did NOT keep me which is a good thing. Ran some blood tests and got the results of my CT, NOT a good thing. The chest part has stayed the same (as I thought) the liver lesions have grown somewhat and multiplied by quite a few and I now have a mass on the left adrenal gland and the lymph nodes in my lower back area are involved which is what has been causing the pain. It also appears that I have a fluid build up and a "slight" case on pneumonia (sp). They will not do a drain as my plateletts are at 46 and they are afraid of a bleed. She said if things got worse they WOULD stick me in hospital, fill me full of plateletts and THEN do a drain. As for my loss of equilibrium, she feels I may have a sinus infection as she ran some basic neurological tests and it did not appear to be a problem with my brain. They may do a CT scan of it next week but for now she gave me some antibiotics to see if that helps. Since Doc is on vacation I won't find out till next week if we are going to change chemo (we BETTER) or what his plan is. I am afraid this is going to delay or put a halt to my MN trip as I don't think he is going to cut me loose for a week if we change chemo.

In the mean time I have become a Darvocet junkie, lol.

Thanks again for the prayers and good wishes and I will keep you up to date.

God Bless,


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