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CT Scan Results


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Also posted under the Spirituality section:

Thank you all so very much for the prayers and good wishes.

They did NOT keep me which is a good thing. Ran some blood tests and got the results of my CT, NOT a good thing. The chest part has stayed the same (as I thought) the liver lesions have grown somewhat and multiplied by quite a few and I now have a mass on the left adrenal gland and the lymph nodes in my lower back area are involved which is what has been causing the pain. It also appears that I have a fluid build up and a "slight" case on pneumonia (sp). They will not do a drain as my plateletts are at 46 and they are afraid of a bleed. She said if things got worse they WOULD stick me in hospital, fill me full of plateletts and THEN do a drain. As for my loss of equilibrium, she feels I may have a sinus infection as she ran some basic neurological tests and it did not appear to be a problem with my brain. They may do a CT scan of it next week but for now she gave me some antibiotics to see if that helps. Since Doc is on vacation I won't find out till next week if we are going to change chemo (we BETTER) or what his plan is. I am afraid this is going to delay or put a halt to my MN trip as I don't think he is going to cut me loose for a week if we change chemo.

In the mean time I have become a Darvocet junkie, lol.

Thanks again for the prayers and good wishes and I will keep you up to date.

God Bless,


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Dearest MO,

I'm so sad at the news. You have had such a hard time of it and I have prayed hard for you and will continue to do so (even harder). Your spirit is intact and that and all our prayers hopefully will see you through this hard patch yet again.

God Bless All of Us,


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Oh, gee, Mo - I feel so sad that you got this kind of news, but I know from reading of so many crises on here that there is almost always something else to attack this beast, and then something else, and then something else. Hang in there.

I've been praying for you quite a bit today, and I am glad to see your post and that they did not put you in the hospital.

I know you don't usually post an "anxiety" post, but you've got to be feeling at least some of that. Remember everyone's advice to breathe, breathe, breathe, and I would add that I hope you will stick close to the board and post if you begin to feel any kind of anxiety or fear. We will all come to your rescue!! Give that darling grandson a big hug for me.

God bless you,


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Dear Mo,

I am praying even harder now.... I want you to get an easy chemo regimin that works and for you to be able to go on your trip! I can at least hope for all that -- but most importantly, I wish for this next chemo to do the trick.

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Glad you didn't have to stay in hospital. I pray that all these issues will be resolved soon and you get settled into feeling better. IF your trip gets postponed, I hope an even better opportunity comes along soon.

In my prayers,


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Dear dear Mo,

It just seems you can't get a break, but your positive attitude is absolutely amazing.

If your doctor is like Earl's, he always has another option up his sleeve. This is my kind of doctor.

Hang tough, Mo. I'm betting that you get to MN.


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Dearest Mo,

Bless your heart...you just keep getting bad news. The thing I admire so much about you is your courage and attitude. We all love you Mo and you are very much in my prayers and thoughts. If ya need us, just let us know how and we'll do the best we can. Get some rest and take those antibiotics...maybe they will do the trick. I am sorry about the set back but I believe you are a fighter and we sure as heck won't give up on you. :)


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