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Clean Ct Scan!!!


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First I want to apoligize for not posting sooner...I haven't been on my computer for 2 weeks.. Anyways Darrell's ct scan was still the same, totally clean for now. Cancer free... What a great word!!! But of course they still want you to know it could grow at anytime! They give ya good news and end it with a sour note in my opinion.. But for now we are content with living 2 months at a time!! We now try to live for today!! I have 5 for days of work left and then we are off to Florida for 2 weeks. and then I will enjoy the rest of my summer at home with Darrell and little Rink (the dog) doing whatever we want!!! Thanks for all the prayers!!! I never ever thought it was even possible for him to ever be cancer free!! A year ago I didn't even think he'd be alive at this time or get to see his son graduate from HS... But this just goes to show "Don't ever give up hope" These days I just pray to God for more time to spend with Darrell!!! I don't ask for years, just "more"...

Hopefully when we get back from Florida I can get updated on so many of you... I've read a few post, t-bones, snowflakes? (pregnant) I was so confused... I wish all of you the best!!


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It's WONDERFUL to hear you sounding so positive and having fun plans! You and Darrell certainly deserve all of life's enjoyment that you can glean. Your message can act as an encouragement to others who feel moments of despair. Thank you and GO CELEBRATE :D !

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