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two months already


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Today is two months since Becky died. I just went and read the post I made a month ago, and I guess I am doing better. There are more and more times that I remember us and it is happy rather than sad.

We are almost settled into SA now. I hate the house, not because of anything about it, just because it is not ours. I have been stuck there alone unpacking a lot and I am tired of it. I am looking forward to getting on campus more and more next week. There I am surrounded by friends and colleagues and working on something productive and interesting.

My dad is freaking driving me crazy. Talking to him is like talking to a $%^&$%$&*%(^* Hallmark card. Last week he made a big pronouncement that I was to decide how much time Katie spent with them. As if he were giving me that authority. As if I have ever abdicated one iota of making the decisions for Katie. Jacka**. Last night he told me not to get mad because Katie was just adjusting. No shi_. Me too. And he wants to reward whatever bad behavior she exhibits with chocolate milk.

So today is not one of the good days. But my brother (who is also my best friend) is coming in for the weekend, and we will finish hooking up the house, so at least by the end of the weekend, I will have internet back, and the satellite plugged in again. And hopefully be better able to relax at home than I have been so far.


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I am glad that you are handling this well. You must be a very strong person. You must remember the good memories you and Becky have, they will get you through the hard times. You and Katie are in my prayers.


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I don't post very much, but I have really appreciated your's and becky's postings. You and Katie are in my prayers. My father also recently passed away, and like Becky, he went so quickly - in a matter of days. I know I am still in shock and I find myself crying when I'm driving, or walking alone. God's peace be with you - and may the tears bring healing and peace. Tears of sadness and of happiness of all the memories you have and will always have. shirley

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