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Did anyone have coughing and wheezing early on when diog.


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I can't speak from personal experience but my dad experienced a cough w/a little bit of blood in the phlegm (yuk; I know!) and a little shortness of breath. After about 1/2 of his first round of chemo and radiation, he said it began to alleviate his symptoms; well at least the cough and blood part. He still continued to be a little short of breath through radiation and afterwards as well.

I know he was so anxious about what to expect from chemo/radation and he had them concurrently so he took on all of it at the same time. He actually did fantastic w/the chemo. Very few problematic symtoms for him. No nausea at all just a little fatigue and on occassion some joint pain but nothing that a few tylenol couldn't take care of. He had no problems w/radiation until the end his esophagus was very raw and painful (they were radiating close to the esophagus in the mediastinal lymph nodes) and it was then that he lost alot of weight because he could not eat a thing and could barely drink unless he positively had too. It doesn't sound like you have any mediastinal involvement so you may not have these same side effects which is good. I'm sorry you have to be here; really really sorry but at least you know that everyone here understands how you feel and what you are going through.

If you want more people viewing your posts you can try posting under the General forum and you might catch a few more there as well. Good luck and God Bless you!!!

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Hi Jen, Sorry you have to be here, but I think you'll find a lot of information and support. I had a cough and wheezing before I was diagnosed. Also hoarseness. Thought they all were due to allergies, as I have so much trouble with them every spring. It was a 3.1 cm squamous cell tumor causing the troubles. Almost immediately after surgery the symptoms disappeared. I also quit smoking 2 weeks before surgery so that probably helped, too.

Good luck.

Muriel K

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Hi There,

Yes, my husband had a nasty cough for some time and was also wheezing especially when lying -down. The cough improved after fluid was removed from the lung, however, he still wheezes a bit from time to time.

Best of luck to you and welcome to the board.


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Hi Jen, yes I had a tickle and a cough and that is what led to my diagnosis. The first round of chemo and the associated shrinkage eliminated the tickle and the cough. Now that the tumors are growing again the tickle and the cough have returned, although not as bad. You'll find plenty of fight here!!!

Tell us more.


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I did have wheezing before diagnosis especially when I laid down in bed at night. The wheezing is still there not too bad, but now I found out I have asthma and copd as well as emphysema and the cancer. I didn't have much of a cough. They gave me advair as an inhalator now and I have albuterol inhalers as well. After surgery i had some wheezing that was caused by a little fluid on the lungs as a result of surgery. Best wishes and have a nice holiday.


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Still have a little cough and wheeze after treatment. But before dx'd it was much worse. I use advair inhaler for it and it seems to help. Each of us is different and because of the different locations our symptoms vary. Jen, I am sorry you have to be here but I am sure if you read some of the posts you will find that this is a very caring and supportive place to be. Feel free to ask questions and let us know a little more about you.


aka Nushka

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