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Does location matter or what does ?

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Overall I am seeing that many tumors can be treated by surgery and yet

some seem to have no surgical plans. Does the size of the tumor have any relationship to possible mets or how long it has been in our body?

Are mets treated before surgery is possible? Do mets have symptoms or are they just found on the pet scan.

And finally with all the questions, does where it is matter as far as being able to have surgery? Center of chest or far outside of lung or top or bottom of either lung.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial weekend to all.


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You have asked a long question, yes in some cases to all of the above. My tumor was touching nerves and blood vessels so I had chemo and radiation to shrink it away from them before surgery, some tumors are in places that cannot have surgery, sometimes they treat a met like a brain tumor then decide to go back and do surgery on the lung.

Some people can't have surgery because they have such poor lung capacity but they can have chemo or radiation. Sometimes it is the type of cancer as they never do surgery on Small Cell Lung Cancer because it would spread, it is however very well treated with chemo. So your question is not easy to answer, it takes good judgement by the doctors. DonnaG

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