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AM-2 Post Chemo Treatment


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My 40-year-old son has just had the upper lobe of his right lung removed from Stage 2 Primary lung cancer, adenocarcinoma. There were a few cells in one neighboring lymph gland, so in a few weeks he will be starting a series of 4 rounds of 3 week cycles of chemo for a total of 12 weeks.

He is investigating the AM-2 patented product developed in the Czech Republic in 1990 which is reportedly used successfully in many countries to prevent a recurrence and to rebuild the immune system, after one finishes chemo treatment. It is not legal in our state of California where we live, because it is not FDA approved, but it is administered in several other states.

If any members of this list have personal experience with AM-2, I would be most appreciative to hear from you. Incidentally there is a website for a Georgia (USA) clinic at www.AM-2treatment.com. AM-2 is referred to as a "Biological Response Modifier," or "Biological Therapy."

Thank you so much for any information you can supply.


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Hi Betty , I don't know anything about the drug you are looking for. I just wanted to welcome you to our little spot on the web and best wishes for your son. I'm sure someone will know something about this as we a very large group. David A

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