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I Want a New Drug

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one that won't make me sick... remember that song? I finally break down and admit I need medication to help me out of this place I'm in and of course my luck I can't take it. My heart raced like crazy until it was out of my system. I checked the information on it and sure enough one of the side effects was "rapid heart beat."

Not sure now if I should keep trying medication or just wait this out and hope it moves on.


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Hang in there Rochelle there are a lot of different meds that can help you, sometimes it takes awhile to find the right one. Heres hoping you can get out that place you are in or find the correct med soon to help you out. You PIC David A

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It's very frustrating to try different meds and keep getting side effects. I seem to have trouble with pain meds. I've had several surgeries and usually need pain meds. I'm allergic to Percoset, and Vicodin and Codeine make me sick. When I need something stronger than ibuprofen, tylenol or aspirin, I usually get Darvocet prescribed. It's not as strong as the others, but it helps. I'm going to send you a PM.



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Ginny I see the cardiologist in the morning to make sure there's no damage from the infection. It was the family doctor's PA that perscribed this med so maybe if I see him, he'll pick a good one.

Becky, would be great if beer would work wouldn't it??? Drink two and call me in the morning.

Peggy, thanks for the PM.

Frank, sorry you're gettin out weather, wouldn't wish that on anyone!

David, thanks partner, maybe TPing will help?

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