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Hall Pass For The Week


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Hello Everbody,

I Just wanted to let you know that I will be gone June 1st-4th on a business trip to Austin. I wish I felt better, I still have a nasty cold. I can't hear and itis making my head feel disconnected from my body. I just hope it gets better. I am taking antibiotics, and sinus medicine too. I was so looking forward to this trip, learning more about the future of mental health treatment in the state of Texas. Mostly funding and budget cuts I am afraid. Hopefully there will be some postive changes too. Take care all, and I will talk to you Friday when I return.


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Ok Cheryl you can have a hall pass. Hope the mental health budget is funded better in Texas than it is in the State of Michigan. We've had some hard hits here.

Now the rule is the hall pass must be returned. Don't feed it into a slot machine like Nina did or I'll have to fine you. :roll:

Good Luck


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Hey Katie, Don, Haylee, Ry, and Margaret, I am starting to feel better-could be the cold medicine giving me a psuedo sense of well-being. Perhaps I should say "sudafed sense of being-in-a-well!" Ha! I will be driving, instead of flying. So, the pressure in my ears shouldn't be too bad. I heard the news say that it was 102 degress in Austin today! Welp, that is Texas for you. It should only be a 6 hour drive. I aso saw on the news that the ER Doctors are complaining about the increase in the number of mentally ill patiets they are seeing due to the budget cuts in mental health. Patients haven't the money for buying psychotropic medications, because many are uninsured. If they don't go to the ER they end up in our jails. It is so sad to see people with mental illness being treated as criminals, because the treatment they need has been cut. O.K. I will get off my soap box now. Boy, the advocate in me has been really stired up. I hate to see what happens after I return from this trip. Thinking of you all.

God Bless,


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