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Returning the hall pass.....


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I am returning my hall pass for the next person who needs one. I would hate to be a hall pass hog :):)

We had a great trip. Saw lots of National Parks, ie Zion, Grand Canyon and some others. I thought about everyone here and my trip sparked a question since it started in Vegas.

If smoking causes lung cancer, shouldn't Vegas have the highest LC rate? :) I wanted to walk with a face mask, that city blasts my rare asthma into high gear ;) I am starting to think that so many people smoke and so many peple get LC, so they just say it is related :)

I have on my LCSC t-shirt today, the "breath away" one. Well we were sta ying at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa last night (my mother in law is a travel agent and got us a steal) and today as we were wheeling our bags out, so many people started staring at me as we went across the hotel (it was big). I could not realize if it was my t-shirt or if we looked like aliens wheelingour own bags :shock: (Snooty hotel). Well we saw people also staring at me in the airport, so they were reading my shirt :) I like being a walking billboard.

I also was thinking of everyone here as we drove from Vegas through Utah to Arizona---we all come from such different places, yet we all have a common goal. I was passing by homes out in the rural area and I was wondering to myself, am I passing the home of any of our 1100+ members. :)

Time to catch up on all the posts.

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Welcome home Andrea. I am glad you had a good trip and hope it helped with some of the "STRESS" that you have been under. Now that you are home and back in the thick of things, remember to breathe. Hope your mom is still doing well.


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I believe lung cancer is somehow related to breathing - it's the ONE THING we ALL have in common! :roll:

Glad you're back, Andrea. Hope you had fun and were able to keep accomodations separate (goodness, by the time you DO go on a honeymoon, what're ya gonna have left that's "NEW"??)

Catch ya later!


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