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Is anyone still smoking after this horid diognosis?

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I just saw this post. I may be one of the few people who stopped smoking using a gradual method. That was over 25 years ago. I had great motivation to stop because the cost of a pack was going up and I was a single mother with not much money. I told myself I couldn't spend the money on cigarrettes when I could barely feed and clothe my kids.

Believe me, that's some motivation. And it had to be. I was a very addicted smoker. I went down to 3 cigarettes a day and eventually none.

I didn't use patches, etc. In my free time, I would go to the library or somewhere similar where you weren't allowed to smoke.

Applause to anyone who has quit or who is trying to quit.


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I quit in 1983, but the it wasn't easy. This may sound ridiculus but when I told myself "I don't smoke", from that moment on I didn't. Never had desire or craving since that statement. There's an old saying that you get what you say so watch your words. In this case for me it was good. Of course I also had a great desire to quit.

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Hi Jen,

It is hard to quit, and for me it was almost impossible, I was lucky in one respect that at a time when the doctores where almost ready to remove my leg, do to lack of blood flow due to smoking, I was under medication and by the time I returned to a state of mind that I know what was going on the craving to smoke was gone (not a way to quit I would suggest). All I can say is I think a person simply has to stop, not cut back, but simply stop- I know it's not easy but the fact that it is shorting your life, should be of some incentive, think of all the things that you could miss out on, family, friends, the abitity to do day to day activities. Smoking is the worst addiction out there, simply because it's made so available and the government still makes it legal to do even though it kills thousands each day. I pray that you find the strength to quit, if I can be of help, just let me know, I'll do all I can to help you stop.


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Guest pproctor

It is very hard to quit. I quit only 4 mos. ago.

I just cut them out completely and sucked it up for a few days during the withdrawel. One of the things that help me was to know how it felt for me to lose my mom while I watched all of my friends spend time with theirs and I know that I didn't want to increase my chances of having my daughter experience that same pain.

I made a committment when I had her that I would do my best to raise a healthy adult and I feel like it would not be fair to make her watch me slowly kill myself with cigarettes.

A little pragmatic but drove the point home for me enough to quit!

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Please, please, look in to the faces of your wonderful husband and those five gorgeous kids of yours and for their sake, if not for yours, make a very special effort. I will be saying a special prayer for your strength!


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