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Rules for Hall Pass?

Donna G

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What are the rules for obtaining a hall pass? Just asking ahead for in the morning we are going to the lake til next Sunday. I don't want to ask too late and not get to go. Donna G

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Rules seem to be made up as they go along. My guess is that you will get to go, but there may be some fine involved. Do have a wonderful time and enjoy relaxing, with or without the legitimate hall pass. (Now I'll probably get fined.)


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Well Donna, all I have to say is ASK FOR A HALL PASS! I went away for Friday and Saturday. I didn't ask for a hall pass this time as I had just asked two weeks earlier. On Friday, as I was gathering a few last minute things, I stopped at the grocery store, went out to start my car and .......NOTHING.......my car didn't start!!! Called my roadside assistance..........seemed that my battery had a leak and ate through one of the cables! As the guy was helping put a new battery on in the grocery store parking lot all I could think of was Ry probably put some sort of spell on my car for not getting a hall pass!!! :lol: I believe that Ry has a special insight to those of us who do not ask.......you should be o.k. since you have asked for permission. Have a great trip!!


P.S. Sorry Ry, I will ALWAYS ask for a hall pass from now on!! I guess I owe you $10.00!! :lol:

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Uh rules? Yes of course there are rules, very lengthly rules. Currently the rules are being addended in include a fine for mutilaiton of the hall pass for example, feeding it into a slot machine etc., and non-return of the pass.

Please submit your request to the hall pass committee (me).

All passes to attend our soiree in July are automatically approved of course.

Hope that helps.

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