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Mike has his epidural pain pump!


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I forgot to mention that on Monday afternoon they took Mike off of oxygen. His oxygen levels have been 96-98 ever since. (anything over 90 is good).

Also - all his blood counts are back in the normal ranges. Amazingly - his kidneys (creatine count) is excellent, his liver functions are STILL in the normal range. Medically speaking...except for being "malnourished" when he got here and his electrolytes all messed up, he is doing very well. Now that all those issues are addressed...it is upward and onward. He will start eating again when he has no pain....as he HAD started eating before the drugs which "took away the pain" started to "take away his mind" LOL

He had his epidural port put in this morning. He was very coherent and very alert this morning before the surgery. (A very good sign). I just left him in the "recovery" room (they will monitor him closely for the next 24 hours) and he is "with it" totally. He even remembered they still want a urine specimen.

Mike broke off a tooth (his teeth are so bad - but haven't had the time, or the energy to get them pulled yet!)....So that's something that will have to be addressed soon...but there is a dentist within the Citiplex Towers so the Pain Management Specialist said he would arrange to have that taken care of.

It's so nice to have "other people" just grab the bull by the horns and arrange for WHATEVER Mike and I need. It's like being in the Walton's family! LOL For me being an only child...it's nice to have someone to "lean on" during times like these.

Well - I've got to run back to Mikey. He says to say Hi to you all....and sends his love.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts...Please keep on praying! God is the healer...not even the staff at this place have a "cure" for cancer.

Love and hugs,

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Shannon and Mike -

Sounds like things are going great! God has provided you with all you need right now to continue on this journey. Prayers-a-plenty continue to be sent out for you guys! You are both such an inspiration!!


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most of us who have had thorocotomies have had an epidural, if only for a few days, they are great!! Your head is clear but the pain is gone. Hope all goes well. So far you have given us lots of good news. :D

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I am so happy you are getting the support you so deserve and need. Also, glad to hear the Mike is coherent again and on the mend.

I have been praying for you both, and will continue to do so.

I look forward to hearing more good news from you, and hope that the fabulous care you are getting there does Mike a world of good.



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I have been following your story since I have posted to this board. You are giving me such hope for my mom, she is considering going to the CTCA, we have all the information, and now just waiting on what she wants. (She is afraid to leave my dad, and my dad is afraid to be without my mom)..etc...

I am so happy Mike is doing better. Woman you are a ROCK!!!! Keep up the good work, and see that you get rest. We like hearing from you so please please keep us posted, with info about that HOPEFUL place in TULSA!!!

Thank you so much.


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Shannon & Mike,

So glad Mike is "with it" and you, too! 8) It is so wonderful that you have people about you who are sensitive to your and Mike's needs and competent to follow up on needed aspects. Keep informing us of the latest and we'll keep the prayers coming!

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