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Nancy B. Surgery Update

Fay A.

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Nancy's Mother called while I was taking my neighbor to the hospital for her scans, so I didn't get to speak with her myself. She did give my son the information, though.

Nancy's surgery lasted about 3 hours, and they found only the one small tumor. Won't know the histology until Friday, but the surgery went extremely well. They did not take the entire Lung. Nancy is doing well, and her Surgeon expexts a quick recovery.

I'm going to try to get down south to visit her this weekend. I'll print out your well wishes for her and take them with me or mail them to her.

In today's world of everyday miracles we sometimes forget the very real risks of thoracic surgery, or any surgery for that matter. I am so happy that Nancy made it through and is doing so well.


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Thank you for the update and best of best wishes for Nancy B. I'm sure she'll do fine--and, still has some lung left--that's what she wanted, she'll be happy for that.........

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Thank your mother for us for updating Fay on the successful surgery. Sounds like you should be posting on your lap top by tomorrow.

Thank God it is over and thank God it look good. Prayers coming your way for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

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What a wonderful report! So happy the surgery was not so extensive and that the surgeon expects a quick recovery! Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Nancy!

Heal quickly and hurry back to let us know how you are. Sending you speedy healing vibes!

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Thank you Fay for letting us know. Glad to know Nancy did well on her surgery. My prayers to her.


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