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:D These stories are wonderful. Everytime I start feeling sorry for myself I read or hear such stories as these and it makes me feel lucky to feel as good as I do and to have survived as long as I have. Yesterday I was starting a new chemo (the last 3 failed) and was feeling kind of sorry for myself. In the waiting room I talked to a mother whose daughter had just celebrated her 21st birthday. The daughter was being tested/crossed and placed on the liver receipient waiting list, her liver was failing. :cry: I said to myself, "Damn I'm lucky I've had 59 great years and this child may not see 22". Today was one my best days ever!!!!! :D

Enjoy and celebrate every Day...don't sweat tomorrow


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Great attitude. That is half the battle...think about how lucky we are and how many good times we have already have and intend to have. The best of luck on your new treatment...hope this one is IT. We all have been blessed in some way and we need to cling to that now as we face this dreaded disease. I, for one, feel very blessed and look forward to each and every day.


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You are soooooo right. I thought that my Dad's lung cancer was the worst thing in the world. About a month or so after his diagnosis, my daughter had to have some test done due to an enlarged optic nerve. All things were pointing to a brain tumor. (my daughter is seven years old) Thank the good Lord that there was nothing wrong........turns out that God just made my baby girl that way. Going through all of those tests, MRI's, etc. with her sure put things in perspective. Don't get me wrong, I still think that my Dad having LC is terrible, but I do try to find the bright side of things. You have a wonderful attitude that I love!! I hope that the next chemo works for you!!


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