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Still Alive and gettin better !!!!


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Hey all,

Having a time of it, In March, I found myself in a Costa rican hospital unable to swallow, could'nt eat or drink, got back to the states and was in the hospital for the next 15 days. The tumor in my chest has been wreaking some havoc. It's closed off the esphoughages (sp) and theres a hole ( fistula) sp? that allows fluid to enter my only good lung. I'm presently hooked to a machine to get the nourshment I need, It Really sucks, I could use a good Texas steak. The plan is to reduce the tumor with chemo, and insert a sleeve so I can eat again. Be a few more weeks.

The whole thing has had me pretty depressed and I really do thank you all

for the cards and letters and Fay for the chickens.

God bless and be well


left pneumonectomy 5/2/01, brain mets, 12/18/03, WBR, 2/04

chemo- 5/1 for mediastinum tumor

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today"

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Dear Bob,

I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to see your post. There have been more 'Has anyone heard from Bob?' on the board and in the chats.

You have been dearly missed and will be able to hear the HOORAH'S that Bob is back all the way up in North Jersey.

Welcome back, we missed you.

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Out of the blue, there you are :D:D

We've missed you a lot and hope we don't have such lengthy absences again. Sorry to hear about your problems and hope and pray they get everything resolved sooner rather than later.

Hang in there Bob.

Prayers and more prayers going up for you!!

God Bless us All,


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Hey Brother Bob,

Your a SIGHT for SORE EYES or any eyes for that matter! HIP HIP HOORAY, Our BOB MC is BACK TO STAY! WOW, YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED! Do you FEEL THE LOVE?? Let me tell you my friend, there's LOTS of Love on this board for you!

Sure hope you'll be eating steak real soon. Maybe Fay could send you another chicken until you can eat the steak?! :roll::?:lol: Chicken's not as heavy as steak might be.

Hey, just GET BETTER, PLEASE???? You have so many of us praying for you that even if you wanted to leave us, we have you under a prayer spell, and we know where you live! So, on that note, I'll still keep you in my prayers. :wink:

So, did you say Steaks at your place in two or three weeks? I think we can make it! 8):wink::lol:

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Dear Bob,

I joined the board shortly before you went on your "famous" trip. I read your past posts and feel as though I got to know you. I am sooo glad to see that you are posting again. You are in my prayers and my thoughts. I hope you can eat that steak soon and so proud of you for not giving up...keep up the fight...we all believe in you.

I am sorry you are depressed but I can't imagine anyone facing all that you have had to face without being depressed. Just know that we are all here and pulling for you. We miss you.


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Hello Bob...I'm one of the many who have missed your upbeat posts. I figured that something major was keeping you down....but only for the short term I'm sure. We're all beside you helping to fight this latest round. Keep on winning Bob....

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Hi Bob and welcome back,

I was new on the board about the time that you went off for a while. I remember your picture and reading your posts. I also know that from the posts from others wondering how you were that you are a pretty popular guy on here. I'm glad you're back and looking forward to reading all the good things you have to say.

Katie: I was wondering - if I promise to stay off the board for a while, will you send me a TEXAS steak?

Bob: Once again, welcome back!

God bless you,


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Great to hear from you and it's great to hear that you're starting to feel better! Keep up the good work and try not to let yourself get down. We are all behind you. Thanks for updating us and I'll continue to pray for your recovery.


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Welcome back Bob,

I think you know by now so many have been worried about you...Sorry you have been having such a rough time these past months..Praying for you that you will be on the mend soon and will be able to enjoy that steak..

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So glad you are feeling up to being back on the boards! We have all missed you and I am glad you are feeling better. Prayers for the procedures you are about to go through and Katie B can add me to the list to send you a Texas Steak when you are ready! :D

Look forward to many more posts!


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