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Please help - is there any clinical evidence?

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Hi all

I hope you can help me with this. I live in Perth, WA and have recently joined our local cancer association message board. I have to say that in comparison to this one it is abysmal. What I am finding quite distressing is that they will not support anything alternative. They are quite patronising in their condemning of alternative treatments, and only support a medical model, whilst acknowledging that complementary therapies can assist with quality of life. I desperately need to find some clinical evidence of the use of alternative therapies (for their purposes this includes ANYTHING apart from radio, chemo and surgery). They wouldn't even let me post the name of Ian Gawler on the message board (what happened to freedom of speech??). This is so terrible for the users of the message board, especially as many are asking for information on alternative treatments. It is moderated by a helpline nurse, and she simply replies stating that it is an individual choice, but these alternative treatments have not been shown to have any benefit and may in fact be harmful.

Please, please I hope you can help me. It is sooooooo wrong that these people are being fed this information.

Thank you



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