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update on marie's lung cancer

Guest marie foley

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Guest marie foley

Hi everyone

I saw the nurse Tuesday and she gave me all the stuuf I will be going through starting on the 10th of june.

The plan is chemo on the 10th then 3 weeks off then another chemo at least for 5hrs the 3 weeks off the 6and 1/2 weeks of radiation then more chemo then 3weeks later more chemo then I should be done, I will keep you posted. Thanks for all your responses it's been a big help to me.

I have stage 3a carcinoadenmoma of the left lung .may 7th surgery of the upper lobe

breat cancer of my right breast in 1997 with radiation no chemo. so for 7 years I've been fine.

I have had no symtoms except for a chest x ray that showed a scar 2 years ago. They watched it then more cancer showed up. Now I've gone through all the tests and surgery, but they still tink I have some left

There were 6 nodes positive plus the lung mass.

I'm going on 79 and never felt sick never smoked.

I live in florida now but used to go north every summer until this year.. We went to Swampscott Ma. For 13 years. take care everyone especially Elaine


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Hi, Marie! Glad you're getting the treatment started. Be aware that radiation and chemo together can cause you to dehydrate, so drink plenty of liquids from now on through. You might even ask the doc ifa saline IV sometime during the treatment would be appropriate. My wife, Lucie, had both treatments together and she tended to get dehydrated. Take care and let us hear how you are doing. Don

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Dear Marie,

Glad you've gotten a "game plan" -- that must take a lot of the tension and guess work out of the air. We're still awaiting our - more than a week to go ....

Good luck on the 10th with the chemo. We'll be thinking of you. And think of us - Len has his PET scan on that day.


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I am glad you were able to come back and give everyone an update. You know we are behind you all the way.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Do you know if a daily aspirin causes nausea (even the coated kind)? My mom's (Marie's) surgeon put her on one a day before surgery but she is terribly nauseous. Any tips?

Thanks again,


Mom, I love you! Muah!
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I'm not sure why your mother's surgeon put her on aspirin BEFORE surgery, I had to make sure that all that kinda stuff was out of my system by not taking any for a week before surgery - it thins the blood and can lead to bleeding. I don't know about the tummy upset from the aspirin either, but maybe you could take a look at those surgical orders and possibly double-check with the doctor?

Just a question in my sleepy brain..


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Dear Becky,

I am sorry for the confusion. You are right, my mother's doctor did not put her on the aspirin until AFTER her surgery. My mother's corotid artery is 70% blocked. They did an extensive cardiac work-up which she passed with flying colors. The aspirin, I assume, is for this blockage.

Thanks for the question.


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