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Anyone heard from betplace??

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Hi Angie,

I am on every day, but I have been fighting the blues so I have not been posting. Waiting for the meds to kick in and perk me up! Funny isn't it, I was so optimistic in the face of my disease and as soon as I heard remission, I went into a major downward spiral.

Meds must be working, I just posted a joke for every ones benefit.

I feel like I am pulling out of it, but have lots of issues for the psychologist to work on. Major things like why did I fight so hard when life isn't worth living and stupid stuff like that. :( Anyway, I am working on the issues and the meds are starting to help. I just need to pull out of it more completely than I have so far.

Thanks for thinking of me.



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I am sorry that you are feeling so blue :( Would it help you to post and vent about your feelings? You will find that tons of people will say "yeah me too" and I found that helps me personally to know I am not alone.

I am thinking of you!

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There you are Betty!! I'm sorry that you are not feeling well right now. Hey, girl, remission is great!!! Please try to enjoy it. Life is worth living.......I am selfish.......I want you to be here with us. I hope you are feeling better soon. Sending prayers your way.


P.S. You do know that you owe Ry a $10.00 fine for "skipping out" here without permission, right?? :lol: Ry is pretty stern. She will grant a temporary pass from the board, but you have to ask permission. :roll: Rules............. :P Good to see you!

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I know how difficult it is to always be positive. Sheesh, I know how difficult it can be to be postive some of the time ((lol)--but we love you no matter what--that's the way families are.

Elaine-who CAN do a happy dance, when need be!

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