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A Skull "Bump"


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Hi, thought I would ask if anyone knows what a "bump" on the back of the head could mean? It's about the size of a quarter and sore.

Called the radiologist and he says to watch it for a few days and if it gets larger go in to see him.

This is on a person with Stage IV NSCLC who just completed three weeks of radiation.

Thank You.

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Don't know if this is the same thing, but last fall I developed a pea sized bump on my forehead. It is considered a met to that bone. It has since developed in size to a little smaller than a quarter. It is sensitive to touch and changes somewhat in size probably from the chemo. I mentioned getting some headaches to my oncologist this week and so we are doing a head scan. She is suggesting we might do some spot radiation, which is scary because of eye muscles and just generally the location.

Hope you get your answers soon and best of luck with it.


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