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More good news....


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I just can't believe the good news just keeps coming.....

Mike was so fantastic all afternoon! They said it would take 24-48 hours for the pain medication levels to "balance out"...and to recover from the confusion, etc.

Well - He is back...tired, a little fatigue...but the loss of memory or confusion is gone.

I don't think he will be himself 110% MENTALLY until he is in remission and can regain strength. But right now - I'd have to give him a 90-95% "full capacity" rating!

He ate a little bit for supper, walked to the bathroom and back with assistance.

Dr King was just tickled with his progress. You could see it on his face! He was smiling and when he came into the room, Mike cracked a "typical" Mikey remark and Dr King said "I see the sense of humor is back".

Yes - Mikey is back - ready to fight this monster again. His pain level has dropped to 3-4 when it's been 6-7 on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the worst.

Tomorrow he will start physical therapy to start "building strength and an appetite". They have taken him off of the IV nutrition - the only thing "too low" in his blood counts is the sodium level so he will be starting sodium bicarbonate capsules tonight. His hemoglobin is 11.5, his hematocrit is 34, white cell count is good (can't remember that one! - sorry) and his platelets are a little low.

Sorry this got so long...But this is amazing to me...and I'm watching it unfold.


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I love reading your posts, especially now as all this new and wonderful things are happening and there is so much HOPE for Mike. (But you had all that hope all along, didn't you? You just needed to find a place that could keep up with you!) I pray for you guys every day.

I found an old e-mail from you back in November 2002. Hard to believe we've known of each other that long! The e-mail talked about fatigue and nausea.....boy have we come a long way since then.

I'm happy to say I feel like I know you both and my prayers and hopes for you two are continuous. I'll be waiting for more good news! God Bless

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