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any ideas on this one?


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Ok, the brain MRI came back this morning NEGATIVE?????

the bone scan showed one spot on one rib.

the chest x-rays were clear.

WHAT could be causing the extreme delusions, extreme confusions, violent mood swings, extreme lethargy, no intake of food or fluids, and unbearable pain across his back and down his legs.

they told us he needs a PET scan that we have scheduled for 6/8 now. it will be at another hospital and they say its against their hospital procedures to just take him there and do the scan and bring him back. He would have to be discharged and us take him.

Now the unbelieveable part. they are again releasing him since they have no dx as to why these things are happening. WHAT!!!

I am alone in taking care of him, his brother says he will NOT help me. That it is just too much for him. his sister says she goes away to her camp every weekend and the 18 miles is too far to commute every day with gas prices where they are.

I am just stupified at this all. I have pretty much begged my sister and the next door neighbors to help me with the care since I can't afford to not work cause I am paying dads bills now.

I was supposed to go to a new camp myself this weekend, I am telling dads onc. that if he can't keep him in the hospital, I am taking him with me so he can be cared for and watched. the neighbors agreed to go with us and said they would help with his care since they have been friends for over 20 years and dad is calm around them.

i now have NO time for my nervous breakdown, i will try to schedule it for some time next month if the weather permits.

does anyone here want to come to camp and help out. the smores and smirnoff are on me.

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Some possible insight on a clear MRI and the Jekyll/Hyde...

I had an MRI last month that was clear, but am experiencing some "so not me" things right now that I have had further discussion with medical personnel. According to my doctor, COGNITIVE abnormalities do not show up on brain scans. Maybe ask about your father seeing a neuropsychologist for cognitive testing and pinpointing what is going wrong in the phone poles in his head... If that can be figured out, I'm sure there'd be SOME kind of treatment for it, possibly a medication.

No thanks on the camping, skeeters like how I taste this year (last year they didn't seem to found of Iressa-tainted blood) and I have no want to donate blood to their population. :wink:

Take care, don't forget to schedule that breakdown! In fact, plan to have one early in the day and spend the rest of the day at a spa getting a massage or pedicure or whatever...

Keep hangin' on!


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Could it be possible that your Dad had some type of reaction to the chemo that he had??? I know that he isn't taking treatments now, but it seems he started feeling worse right after his last tx. What kind of pain meds is he taking? Could it be a reaction to pain meds? Is he taking more than just the pain meds? Could there be a "flooky" drug interaction?? Dehydration maybe?? I'm grasping at straws here. I want you to get some answers to your Dad's problems. I know that you are sick with worry. As for the breakdown, I am due for one also. Give me a call..........we'll break down together! :wink: Praying for you!!


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anythings possible with the drugs.

he is on

MSContin 60 mg every 12 hours

Hydromorphone for break through pain 12 mg every 3 hours as needed



some cholesterol med

angina medication



i think there is something else too the way they have been prescribing for him lately trying to find a pain med that works is unreal.

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Shelly, I'm glad he's getting a PET scan on Tuesday. Before my husband had his first PET, I found a website that the headline said "Cancer can't hide from a PET Scan". I just tried to find it now and couldn't find it, but when I do, I'll send it to you. So, if there's cancer causing these problems, hopefully they will know where to look.

I am alone in taking care of him, his brother says he will NOT help me. That it is just too much for him. his sister says she goes away to her camp every weekend and the 18 miles is too far to commute every day with gas prices where they are.

GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I heard these same type excuses about 10 years ago in another family situation we were dealing with. Well, don't get me started on this one. I've seen a lot of things on the website that I didn't like, but this one gets the prize for cruelty. Shelly, I hope I didn't offend you with my comment on your other post about how to visualize your uncle, but you've got to think of some way to not let him intimidate you. As far as both he and your dad's sister, if they don't want to take care of him, then as hard as it will be on you, it's better that you do it. I wouldn't want ANYBODY taking care of my dad that didn't want to. I shudder to think of what might happen.

GOD LOVE YOU, SHELLY - You are a real trooper. Don't forget to post next month on the day you schedule that breakdown, so we can talk you out of it again.

We love you, Shelly, and I know the love and caring is coming through loud and clear.


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Shelly....forgive me if my memory is faulty here and it wasn't you that said this....but I'm remembering you saying in another post that your dad was given the WRONG medication (by his brother?) when you weren't there and had left instructions to only give him (whatever the right med is).....am I remembering right?

Well...certainly I'd think the wrong med could account for some of dad's odd reactions/behavior.....not to mention him being dehydrated!

I'm so sorry the family just leaves this to you and then criticizes all your efforts. Proof that no good deed goes unpunished.....eh? :roll:

Hang in there, Shelly....it sounds like the results of dad's tests are a lot better than what you likely anticipated....and I'm continuing my prayers that you get some better answers and that dad gets the help he needs! Hoping that PET scan provides some answers!

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Is he hydrated now so you know the behavior isn't dehydration? Also, has he had a bowel movement? Are they sure he is not impacted with the not eating or drinking? Stumped me Shelly. I'd make them keep him and give him IV's since he won't drink. He'll just be right back there till he takes in fluids.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Abnormal thinking, paranoid delusions, bone pain, dehydration are all side effects of both/either Paxil and MSContin which the freaking hospital personnel should know. However from my experience I would bet they haven't connected the dots.

Your dad's family sounds a lot like mine - although my sister does PROMISE to be there for me but when push comes to shove she NEVER shows - only finds fault.

You remind me of my daughter. She's the only one who has shouldered any of the burden. I want so much for my family to be there for her. Who do they think she is - superwoman? Just like your dad's family - you take all the burden and they find fault.

I love my daughter just as I know your dad loves you. I hope if I ever have severe mental episodes she will realize that it's not me.

Shelly, these people should be crammed together into a locked tiny locker in an abandoned bus station and left there. No - wait - here's a better idea: they should be stationed in front of a mirror and be required to stare at themselves for the rest of their lives, until they realize what mucking bustards they are. Hmmm - mucking bustards. It's possible I misspelled something there. :D

I love s-mores and camping but am stuck here. Maybe someday. You make sure you go camping and take a hike by yourself - try for a while to forget some of this.


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See if the American Cancer Society can give you a little break with your dad, like a short visit from a volunteer a couple times a week, and then maybe you can get a day /evening off once in a while.

The church may have a program of visitors,

and check into the visiting nurse *ss'n.

Shelly, many hands make light work, and Lord knows, there are people out there with golden hands who'd help in a heartbeat. Let them help you.

See what they have to offer.

I don't think your dad would want to see your health completely broken by this.... not even your uncle and aunt could be so mean.

Ask for help. Please.


Prayers, always


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MaryAnn is right on...there is help available and you need it. Seek and it shall be given. In the meantime, take care of yourself also. I feel so blessed with the support system that I have and I pray that others will step forward to help you...sometimes it just is a matter of actually asking them to.


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In November my mom had that similar episode and came out of it. I thought that was it, she was dying. She came out of it and didn't remember a thing. We told her that she said I was drugging her and trying to kill her was screaming...she laughed and thought it was the funniest thing (we didn't have the heart to tell her that it scared the heck out of us and hurt us so much). The test at the hospital showed that she was malnourished...dehydrated and that her nutritional levels were low. I didn't try to get her to eat things she didn't like b/c I didn't want her to stop eating, she at ice cream, we would let her have a glass of champagne, whatever brought her comfort at the time...so I guess that's what happened as a result. She said she didn't remember a thing during the couple days she was out of it. She bounced back for a good two months after that and had a wonderful Christmas together.

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