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Radiation mapping and CT Scan coming up


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My Mom just finished her 6th and final round of chemo today. She has been amazing, so brave, and helping us, her kids, deal with this. Monday I take her for her radiation mapping and CT Scan. I really don't know too much about this procedure. I assume she gets tatooed (what do you think, an anchor, butterfly, hula girl?)! I'm assuming the scan results will let us know where she is at. She had 50% shrinkage after 2 rounds, now it's time to have another look. I'm out of my mind with worry just because you hope for the best, but don't dare let your mind go to the "what ifs". Please say a prayer for her that all this chemo has done its job...I'm just so overwhelmed with worry for this wonderful woman.

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Oh, Mom has my prayers for sure. God bless her...getting thru chemo at 82 years young....she has sure set the tone for me! (I just finished my first cycle of chemo...doing fine but feeling older than my 57 yrs. :wink: )

I just did the radiation mapping last Tuesday. Yup....got myself three little tattooed freckles now. It stings a tiny bit when you get the tattoo...but it's very minor.

I do hope Mom gets an empathetic person in rad. onc. to explain everything to her. If not....insist on someone who is warm and compassionate. I had a nurse who gave me the info sort of as though we were discussing a new transmission for my car. Left me feeling a bit shaken....as it's a lot to absorb and this woman never smiled once...the whole time.

Tell your mom she's my inspiration to get thru the rest of my chemo and the 30 days of radiation. I will be looking for posts to see how she is doing and she will have my prayers, good thoughts and regard throughout....so be sure to tell her that, too! :)

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