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Anthrax for lung Cancer treatment?????


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Hope this info is interesting to you all.The NIH has been testing a weakened form of Anthrax that is proving to be very effective on mice that is killing the tumors and after one treatment the toxin has reduced the tumor's by 65%-92% depending on tumor type.They say it is very effective for Lung Cancer also in testing.

They do how ever state it will be year's of testing before it is rejected or excepted.I got this info out of a new bottom line book i just recieved.Also in a bottom line health letter the Chinese Medical people are claiming that Cancer patient's recieving standard treatment along with the herb Astragulus are having 2 times survival over standard treatment,but they did not say what form or how much of the herb was being administered.

My Wife has now completed 2 three day treatment's every 21 day's of cisplatin/vp16 and is so far doing real well as far as how she's feeling.Most of the time one would never suspect she is recieving Chemo except for the loss of hair and the 2 - 3 day's after the third day of chemo when she want's to sleep.

We will see how much energy she has this weekend as our oldest son (a green Beret) just got back from Iraq and he with his family are coming down for the weekend.Were all excited to see him home safely and knowing he served well over there as he was awarded 2 bronze medal's for valour.

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That's fascinating, Larry! Thanks for sharing that. I can't wait to see where this study takes us in finding a cure.

I'm so glad to hear your wife is faring so well with her treatments! Bald is beautiful!

Thank your son for me! I'm sure you are so very proud of him. My brother (career army) was with the 3rd I.D. Field Artillery and has been home for a while. The 3rd I.D. is on their way back, but my brother just got transferred to the Department of Army H.R. in D.C. My mother was glad of that!

Keep us up to date and tell your wife she's in my prayers tonight. I love her spirit - and yours!


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