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Oh This Journey


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We had great news last week when it came to my husbands MRI. After originally having 3 brain mets, there is no longer any sign of tumors, scar tissue, etc. in his brain. We had a good week until today.

Today we got the CT scan results. Phew, not only is the Iressa not working but now the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes in his pelvic. Walked from the doc's office straight to the Gemzar needle. If anyone has had this expereince would love to hear what it has been like and what treatments have been done. He has been on Taxol/Carbo.

As always, our 10 year old daughter has handled it like a trouper. She did ask if this was ever going to stop.

Just venting...am so greatful for this board over the last year. Would have been lost without it.

Thanks for being there.


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Alyse -

VENT AWAY!! Sounds like that old "roller coaster" ride for your family right now, huh?!! At least the brain mets were clear, but now you face another challenge. Please know that I will continue to pray for you and your family right now as you face another treatment option. I'm afraid I don't have any info on that chemo, but just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you.


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Guest JanetK

Hi Alyse

I am sorry the about the disappointing news you received, but please

don't lose hope. I have been on Gemzar for 7 months after having

failed Carbo/Taxol. Initially the Gemzar kept my disease stable, which

I was very pleased with. We were all very pleasantly surprised when I

was scanned last month and I am now showing good reduction in both my

tumors in my right lung. The Carbo/Gemzar regime for me has been

very tolerable, I work full time and my quality of life is good.

God Bless you Both


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Dear Alyse,

So very sorry to hear the Iressa didn't do the trick, but I sure will continue to pray and hope that the chemo will work wonders.

I wish at times we adults had the strength of some kids. Yet, I am very sure your daughter is very worried and scared as well. :(

If you need to VENT, then by GOLLY you do SO right HERE!!! This trip isn't aways a picture perfect one, and we need to get things off of our chest now and then, so I say VENT, VENT and VENT SOME MORE!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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If it is any consolation to you my husband's cancer reacted best to the gemzar. It did not get it all but he got a much better result than with, the carbo/taxol and taxotere. It killed a major portion of his tumors. He is now on Iressa. Best wishes for a great result.

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Alyse, I have been wondering how you and your husband were doing. I am sorry that the Iressa wasn't the answer. My dads oncologist said, when dad was put on the Iressa, that if that didn't work, there are many other types of chemo out there that might do the trick. Each one works different for each person. I hope that you know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers, and I will continue to do so, as you continue the "quest" for what WILL be the answer.

And as the others said, VENT VENT VENT-that's what we're here for!! Take care, and keep us posted. Deb

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