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Follow-up on Incomplete Report


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some of you may remember my post a month ago about the ct/pet report that said no metastisis but slight enargement of nodule that was radiated 7-9/03 but didn't give any measurements. I waited a week and called for a copy of the report WITH addendum. The end of the month I accompanid my husband on a visit to our Primary Care dr. and at that time ask if they had received a report. You guessed it, No. While we were in the office she faxed another request noting "2nd request". Immediatly they received a report (incomplete) and I received one in the mail AND the pulmonary Dr. finally got one. I saw the pulmnary Dr. this week and you remember that he is the one I lean on and trust. He too was unhappy with the report and unhappy with the idea of waiting 4 months for another scan. He says the purpose of running a scan is to determine what course of treatment is needed and no treatment had been discussed-just wait 4 months- when I saw the radiation oncologist. He has taken the liberty of ordering another scan in July and I will see him the following week. He also will call the radiologist who dropped the ball. I go to a well known, well equipped Cancer Center so don't know what the Pulmonary Dr.and I will decide next month. Do i go back or do I find another oncologist. Thank God for a very caring Pulmonary Dr. that I can talk too and who will listen. I told him if the oncologist feel there is nothing more to do then at least they should discuss it with me. I need to know if it is time to put my affairs in orde.

In the meantime we are flying to Mi. the 18th for granddaughter's wedding, making a quilt for great grandaughter expected in Sept and making the most of eah day. Have wondeful support from my church family. In fact at prayer time when I said Praise for no metastisis, the entire church clapped.

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