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Any MO updates?


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OK Mo. We can't have you running off like this. We all need you here on the board. The first break you see ...run for the door. Oh yea, leave the IV Pole there. Ry ran off with one. Not sure what she did with it but I think she may come looking for you with it. Would you want her to chase you out of the place. I know you are not hanging around for the food cause I have yet to find good food in a hospital. :):):) .

Hope you get better and get the heck out. Praying for you My Friend.

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Called Mo's house again and no answer. I know she lives alone so obviously no one is checking her answering machine.

Bruce I'm gonna hurt you with that pole if you don't send me YOUR phone number you big chicken. I see you are getting awfully cocky after your little break.

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