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Used My Hall Pass to get Celebrity Autographs


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Hello my Friends,

Back from Austin and I had quite a week. There were about 800 people in attendance for the 19th Annual Texas Community MHMR Centers Staff and Trustee Training Confernce held in Austin at the Renaissance Hotel. Also being held simultaneously, was the Dennis Quaid Golf Tournament. There were several celebrities there, like Keneau Reeves and and Hank Williams Jr. to name a couple. When I left today the Hotel was expecting another onslot of guests. The city of Austin will be hosting a Motorcycle Convention and are expecting atleast 50,000 people to attend.

Anyway, the future of mental health looks dismal due to the numerous budget cuts. We as mental health workers are expected to cure them in 6 visits now! HHmmm, I think most organic disorders are incurable, but managed with medication and ongoing support. Children's services faired a bit better fortunately, but we took a hit as well.

It will take me a while to get caught up on everyone's posts. I hope all of you are well. I missed you and am glad to be back, albeit still sick from the sinus thing.

Take care,

Cheryl :x

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How frustrsting! Lots of money to kill people, but none to cure us. And even less for the stuff no one can see! Mental Health issues are so hard to work with! My Mom is bi-polar, has been for years, she was fortunate in having an excellent health care plan, but even so, diagnosis and all took years of hard work and then even more to get her to where she functioned well in society. 6 visits wouldn't have done it. :(

It has to be hard for you to know they expect you to work miracles, but wont give you what is needed to even start the cure for those poor souls.

My hat is off to you.



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