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Cancer Treatment Centers of American


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:?: I was wondering if anyone has had any interaction/experience with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America? I am curently being treated for my Stage 1 Breast Cancer and Stage 4 Lung Cancer at the James Wilmot Center in Rochester, NY. I am pleased at this time with the staff and MDs. I am anxiously awaiting the results of a repeat CAT SCAN that was completed after 3 rounds of Carboplatin and Taxol. (Will get results on Weds. June 9) If the news is good, then it is onward and upward, if not, I will be investigating other treatment options and Centers.

Update on me:

So far, the side effects from the chemo have not been unbearable. :o The muscle and joint aches a couple of days post chemo, for which I am taking decadron twice a day for 5 days seems to help. At least it takes the edge off so that I can get some sleep. The fatigue is there, but you just learn to pace yourself. The neuropathy of the hands and feet is interesting to say the least. Now, I have an excuse for my clumsiness! 8)

Also, I have been busy contacting all my State and Federal Representatives regarding the lack of $$ being spent on Lung Cancer research. By now, there is probably a band on my e mail address going to all of these representtives. :wink: So far, no return mail, but all that means is that they will be hearing from be again, very, very soon. :!:

Thanks in advance for any info. Best to all.


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Hi DonnaE,

I don't have any info on Cancer Treatment Centers of America but I thought I would share with you my view on such things. They do a LOT of expensive advertising. Moreover their advertising seems to play up a very emotional sell. That kind of approach is a caution flag for me. It doesn't mean they aren't wonderful, I simply don't know.

Secondly, in my attempts to research such things I have formed the opinion that there are very few real differences in the treatment options offered by most of the various treatment centers. Now I must admit that CTCA does emphasize nutrition and other "alternative" techniques and that is a very good thing, but you don't necessarily have to go there to get nutritional or other guidance. Their views on nutrition for example are presented in a book written by Patrick Quillen who heads that area for them ("Beating Cancer through Nutrition" or something similar, I believe).

Traveling to remote treatment locations presents a whole additional set of logistical problems to be solved. Things like travel expense, insurance coverage, finding a local Dr to monitor and work with the remote clinic, etc. I have dealt with a remote treatment facility and have been through some of this myself.

I notice we are relatively neighbors by the way. I am located about 20 or so miles North of you just off the North end of route 21.

Have you started any supplementation yet? If not you may want to consider that as well. It's pretty well proven to make a significant difference and is quite easy to do on your own. There's a lot of info both here and on the rest of the net about such things.

There are also non-traditional treatment therapies which you could consider. Usually it takes a while for folks to shift their focus from mainstream medical approved treatments but you will find some information here on this board regarding such things if you are interested. I have made this transition for myself. You can find a brief history of my disease in my signature block below.

I admire your activism activities very much.

Best Wishes for finding your "silver bullet",

Dave S

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Hi Donna,

I haven't responded to your post since I actually didn't have treatment at CTCA but I did have my surgery there as my surgeon worked out of CTCA in Tulsa. I spent a total of 6 days there in Special Care, and the night before surgery in one of their "family" rooms.

The CTCA is very family oriented and at least the one in Tulsa, even has several floors of rooms that are available to rent out to family members/friends of patients at $20 or $25 a night. If the family all want to camp out in the patient's room, that was okay too and they would bring beds in for you. Family is encouraged 24/7 to spend time with the patient.

I found every one there compassionate and caring with the exception of one nurse, the last one that was assigned to me who made me feel like James Caan in that movie Misery. Other than her, everyone was nice. I also was visited by nutritionalists, masseuses, spiritual advisors and the respiratory techs. I loved my Pulmonary Specialist who is Director of Pulmonary Services there.

Personally, I was comforted by the fact that they did advertise on TV for some odd reason. And driving to the Center, the highway was lined for miles with trees that had been planted by them, each with a plaque that had a Survivor's name on it. I met patients there from all over the country who fly there once a month for treatments and they all had nothing but great things to say about CTCA.

Basically, this is all the info I have. I was never sick BEFORE my cancer so I have no comparison. I was somewhat taken aback because I had never been in a treatment center and had been expecting more of a "hospital" type place. Other than that, and Nurse Rachit, I have no complaints.

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