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Thanks for the reference.

I had to argue with my oncologist 2 years ago to get Celebrex. He was quite resistant ("there's no proof, etc."). At that point I was looking to minimize PGE-2. I didn't know anything about specifically boosting chemo effectiveness.

I finally got him to first perscribe 200mg/day and then a month later I got him to increase the dosage to 400mg/day. I've been on it ever since. Now I see the study you reference seems to suggest 800mg/day. I wonder if I should go fight for an increase to 800mg/day. It would be a much easier fight now. Over the last 2 years my oncologist has become a great deal less resistant to new things. I know he is amazed at how much better I have done than was expected.

I have seen several members here whose profiles indicate they are taking 800mg/day.

Thanks again for the info,

Dave S

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I am just two weeks out from my second surgery and was prescribed Celebrex. However, my insurance wouldn't cover it so they gave me Naproxen - 500mg. Is it the same? Should I just pay out of pocket to get the Celebrex? Thanks for your help.

Nancy B

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Our insurance turned us down 4 times for Celebrex. But I was persistent, that is a synonym for bit--y, and it finally was approved.

Earl takes a total of 800mg a day. Has no bad effects from it and if it can help at all, then we will continue.

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Naproxen is an anti-imflammitory drug, as is Celebrex (and Vioxx), but works in a different manner, so would not have the same effects.


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I take Celebrex and it took some pre-approvals for my insurance company to agree. It usually comes down to how your doctor's office presents the case to the insurance company. I take 400mg daily and it would run over $100 a month on my own. I would ask your doctor's office to pursue getting approval for you...they know how to write it and all the buzz words. Don't give up on it. Mine is prescribed for joint pain with the off chance that it works on the whole lung cancer thing also.

Good luck,


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Hi Nancy

I may be wrong, but my understanding is that it is not covered as a drug for cancer patients, however, if your doctor is of the opinion that you require Celebrex for its anti-inflammatory effect, you might get some joy.

Good luck


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