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CT scan and bone scan this Monday and Tuesday


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Well Rob goes in Monday morning for his CT scan, on Tuesday his bone scan, and we find out whats going on this Friday. He has had some stomach pain lately, (the last chemo was gemzar and navelbine, which were taking their toll on him) we don't know what it is. Hopefully, nothing...Please say a prayer for him. We will let the results be known ASAP. If he needs more chemo, he is NOT doing that chemo again, the quality of life is more important here!!

Thanks, Tess

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Tess and Rob,

Hoping for the best with the CT scan results. Funny how different chemos work differently for people. I am on my last three infusions of Gemcitabine and have had very mild side effects. I specifically chose the least agressive because I, too, feel the importance of quality of life. Didn't want to be knocked out of the game with the cure. If necessary, I hope you find the right mix for the next round.



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