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Another touching moment at Relay


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I came up with a new law and I stated it loud enough to have people around me laughing and agreeing. (Yes,I know it is not realistic ;) )

We stopped by the Irvine Relay for Life, my best friend Marla sang at our Newport Beach one and was asked to sing at this one.

As we sat there watching Marla sing, there was a beautiful baby boy in front of me with a women. I said to my mom and my friend, I want one of those (in regards to the baby). The woman said "this is my grandson, we are here for his mom, his mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor while pregnant with him and forewent any treatment to give birth and then she passed away". Pinned to the grandmother and baby was a picture of the mother.

The moment that woman got up to leave-- my mom, a friend sitting with us, and myself just burst out in teears. My dad came rushing over to find out what happened.

Here is my wacky proposal. I want to start a "Mean People Police Force" and I want all mean people to be required to go to a Relay for Life or a similar event to learn compassion and to learn how fragile life can be.

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The educational disinclined?

Etiquette challenged? (Makes it sound like they should carry a sign displayed in their car...hmmmm)

Objectively obtuse?

Misinformed minority? (Sounds like they should have a lobby group...)

Living brain donors?? :lol:

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