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Update on hiccuping/spasms guy FYI


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This is only my second post, but I check this forum daily and learn much from the wonderful members.

My hubby will start Iressa tomorrow and we're concerned if any side effects will set him back to the 'awful place' he just came out of. We have been having some very good days and it seems scary to think he may go back to the sad state he was in only a few weeks ago- that of a non thriving person. Anyone out there who has taken this tablet without bad side effects?

Thanks, C.H. :roll:

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My husband has been on Iressa and has very few side effects. He has the rash but it's not too bad and he has diarhea but it's managable. Some people have few if any problems with it and others have had major side effects.

The thing about Iressa is, when it works it works. I hope it works for you!


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My worst chemo experience was with carbo/taxol, but I did okay on Iressa. I did develop a rash, but it only flared up at about a month and lasted about two weeks. The most difficult side effect was diarrhea, which contributed to my losing some weight. It is, of course, easy to just take the drug orally and at home. I'm hoping it will work for you guys...when it does it is like a miracle drug.



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I have been on Iressa for 1 month now. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I have almost no symptoms. Diarrhea only once a day and only a couple days a week. I only have a few pimples here and there.

So some of us tolerate the pill much better than chemo. Taxol/Carbo really did a number on me and I did a little better on Taxotere, but still had problems with my blood counts.

I hope the symptoms don't get worse over time, but for now I'm happy on Iressa.

Praying that your husband will also do well on Iressa. Please keep us posted.


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