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E-mail from shelliemacs

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Hi guys! Below is a copy of an e-mail that shelliemacs sent to me this morning. As you will find after reading it, Shelly needs our prayers for comfort, strength and peace.


Email from Shelly.................


Please post this on the board for me. I only have 5 minutes and know you can do a better job than I can

dad went into a coma at 1:30 friday afternoon. they told us then it would be only hours. he is still breathing, but no responses at all. as of 8 am sunday i finially left the hospital to come and shower and I am going right back. the hospice ward is great to us and although dad is suffering they are doing what they can.

i wont be on again until after its over. i am ok, i am holding up bc i have to right now. we break at moments there and leave his room for a few minutes to compose ourselves.

it should not be long now and i want to be there when he goes to mom. they say he is waiting for something but we cant figure out what.

sorry for the typos i am rushing.


his onc. said the cancer regrouped and just exploded in his body and its billions of cells everywhere just not a tumor that can be seen.

go figure huh.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)
Email from Shelly.................

it should not be long now and i want to be there when he goes to mom. they say he is waiting for something but we cant figure out what.


I feel deeply for you and your dad.

I am speaking from my heart - Shelly, if you can, take his hand in yours and whisper to him that it is alright to move on.


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Shellie -

I'm so, so, sad for you. I agree with Cat -- sometimes people do seem to need to hear that it's ok to let go and that you will be ok. You probably have already said that to him.

Wish I could be of more comfort.

Love and prayers to you and your family.


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Thanks Shellie for taking the five minutes to fill us in. We all wish we could be there with you, but know that we are close by.

True story:

There was an old couple at my parents' church. I'll call them Mr. and Mrs. D. When I was little they seemed old. They were married about 60 years, had moved into a home together, when he died. The pastor went to see her, and it was about an hour away from the church. When the pastor got home his phone was ringing--yep, she had just died too. They had a double funeral. She just wasn't staying without him.


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You hve been through so much in such a short time. I remember experiencing something very similar. I thought that there was no way that God could take both of my parents from cancer, especially within 2 weeks of one another. Yet, how could one live without the other. Your parents will be together again, and in no pain. They will be celebrating what God has promised us, eternal life. There is peace in knowing that they will never again experience pain, sorrow, or death. God comfort you in your sorrow of missing them.


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I couldn't reply yesterday, I didn't know what words would help. This morning I realised no words would help, but maybe loving thoughts and prayers sent would bring some small comfort to you. I hope so, for I have sent out many loving thoughts and prayers to you.



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Oh shelly,

I am so sorry to hear the news isn't what we all hoped it would be. I was hoping your dad and you went on that camping trip.

When I first read this post last night, I posted a poem in the Spirituality forum because I was thinking of you and all of us who have lost a loved one.

I hope you find comfort in it.


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May the Lord give you the strength to deal with each of these days as it comes, may He give you the comfort of knowing you are never alone and may He grant healing and peace to your Father. We never want our children to deal with such difficult times but I know their character will shine through just as yours does.

Prayers and hope,


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