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NSCLC - not showing up on CT Scan

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If memory serves me well, Xray's can only resolve images to 1 CM and CT Scans are only effective to 1 MM (based on the technology). So to answer your question, it is possible to miss a very small tumor with both methods in the early stages of the disease. I'm no expert but I believe only a tissue analysis can confirm a suspicious Xray or CTscan image.

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I THINK, BIOPSY is the only way to find out the TYPE of lung cancer. CT's PET Scan's, X-RAYS only show the tumor, or mass or Image, whatever you wish to call it. I don't think this has changed as of yet?!

Now, if your talking that the tumor didn't show up on a CT scan or X-ray, then I would say, YES this could happen! Tumor's have been known to hide. CT, X-ray, PET scans, are NOT 100% in showing all there is to show! But, there better then nothing!

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My dad was dx on April 5th with NSCLC Stage IV. He had xrays, CAT scans, blood tests - ALL NORMAL.... it took a PET to finally find it. I dont know if his scanning was a fluke or the maybe the radiologists didnt know what they were looking for, I dont know, but the PET was the one to finally show up on the scans. I hope this helps.


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