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Stranded motorist

gerbil runner

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A man is stopped alongside a highway, fixing a flat tire. A police car stops behind his, and the officer strolls up to him to offer help. The man changing the tire says he's doing okay and doesn't need help.

The officer takes a walk around the car to make sure everything is OK. He spots a large knife with a fancy handle on the passenger seat. When he inquires about the knife, the man says it's his, and he uses it as a juggler at the local circus.

To be sure the man is telling the truth, the officer asks him to demonstrate his act, and the stranded motorist begins to go through his juggling routine.

Meanwhile a car with two recovering alcoholics drives by. The driver says to his passenger, "Man... I am so glad I stopped drinking when I did. Look! It's amazing what they make them do these days at those roadside sobriety checks."

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