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Medicare question

Donna D.

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My husband was diagnosed in August of 2002, he was found to be disabled in June of 2002 therefore put on disability and recieved first check in January 2003. As I have read here you have to wait 2 years to be eligible for medicare. My questions are:

1. Is he now eligible?

2. Do we have to apply or is it automatic?

3. Do we still have to meet a share of cost on medicare? ( at this time we have a share of cost of 1400.00 to meet each month before medicaid pays anything)?

4.Are high cost presciptions and testing covered?

5. Where can I find information on this subject?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Donna, I don't know a lot about it, I was disabled as of March, 2002 my ssdi started sept 2003, in May 2004 I was notified I would be elgible for medicare as of sept 2004, it was all automatic, so I'm betting you will hear from social securtity in a few months regarding medicare. As far as the other questions I really don't know. David

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From what you are saying it sounds like he became eligible for payment of benefits Dec.1.02 and if that is correct he will be elig for Medicare Dec.1, 2004.

Medicare has two parts, part A and Part B. Part A is free and mainly covers most hospital cost and some nursing home costs after a deductible is met. Part B mainly covers Drs, medical supplies, etc and it to has a deductible one must meet each year. I believe it is $100 per year for the deductible but Part B also has a monthly charge which now is somewhere around $55 per month or thereabouts. If your husband is getting Medicaid then usually medicaid pays the monthly Part B charge and also the deductibles for both Part A and Part B but you will have to talk to them about that issue. There is a lot more regarding Part A and Part B to learn. I am just hitting the high points. Call 1-800-772-1213 and ask the operator to send you a medicare hand book so you can see what it is all about...

YOu husband will receive the Medicare card in the mail about two months before his eligibility date. If you find his award letter it will tell you if Dec 1, 2002 is correct so you know 12/01/04 is right.

You asked about high cost prescriptions and testing covered. Up until this year meds were not covered and now the drug stores have a medical card they are pushing for Medicare to help with lowering the meds one uses. I am sure you have read about this for it has been all over the papers. Not until somewhere around 2006 does the new prescription coverage take effect through Medicare at a higher monthly charge to most people.

Hope some of this helped you....

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