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Look for help for mawka_04


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Good morning everyone. Mawka is a man that has been posting on the Newcomers board and I got him to switch to NSCLC last night. He did post there. Mawka, like bean_si and some others here, is all alone and also trying to take care of an 87-yr-old stepmother. Mawka's medical condition at this time is quite severe. It may not all be cancer related, but he has the most severe back pain that they don't know yet if it is the cancer. I think his report called it "massive degeneration". He is also very heavily medicated because of this severe pain, which is apparent if you will read his posts. He has no family and his friends have walked out of his life.

The reason for my post is I know that someone on here posted ideas on who Mawka can call to find someone in hisr area to help him get around, someone to check on him, etc. He is meeting with oncologists very soon, and hopefully they will also give him some advice. I have looked everywhere and can't find that post. I think one of the places you suggested was the American Cancer Society. Mawka lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Mo had begun to PM him just before Mo went into the hospital.

I have Mawka's permission to ask all of you if you have any ideas who he can call to get some help.

Mawka: One place I would suggest is your church. If you don't belong to a church, that's ok, get out the phone book and call a church that is close to you.

Thank you everyone and GOD BLESS YOU!!



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Where I am, there is a local cancer fund that helps those who are in need (financially or whatever). I know it is only for two counties here, but that is a possibility in a larger city.... I would think the ACS would be able to share that type of information.

-and if at a loss of where to begin to search for ACS, they are a branch off the United Way...


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Most hospitals have social workers also. Is it possible to call up a local hospital. As others have said I think a church, synagogue or other religious organization may help also.

The government should have resources.

There might be something in here. I'll try to find time to look more

http://www.instlouiscounty.com/communit ... ilysupport


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Oh good Makwa, thought you were a male from talking to you in chat. Peggy had me worried about myself there for minute.

I did get Mo and Makwa together thinking she could help him out with things as they live in the same city. Of course Mo is under the weather herself now but hopefully she will have some ideas when she is able to return. The suggestions above are all great.


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I must have missed your first post, sorry.

Welcome to this forum, the best there is,

I do not know much about the way the hospitals works in the States,

but the best way would be to ask, at the social section for help

for yourself and your mother, does the cancer society offer help

to those with cancer ??? I do not know in the States, but here in

Canada they do, if you could get somebody to help around a few

hours a week and also somebody to go with you to some appointments

that would ease a lot of diccomfort you have.

The church (any kind) is also a good place to ask for help.

Let us know the latest news and I am sure somebody will have better

answers than I have.

Good luck and take care.



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There is a group called Cancer Care. You can visit them on line and they have resources for cancer patients.


Oh, and Peggy...thanks for fessing up to the editing of the first post. I read it, then thought maybe Ry had lost her mind again. (A little birdie told me that RY loses her mind on a regular basis. The bird was a cross between a loon and a chicken. :wink: )

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Guest makwa_04

Makwa= male


Anyway as foir the posting what Im thinking or that "barf" word

I post like that cause i have no idea whats considered normal in this

illness. So If I dont write it how am i going to know

I spent a good part of day going to various likns people sent and some local

so called help hotlines.

Well alot of the numbers are disconnected or no longer in service

Even the American Cancer has little to offer in this area

I contacted some other alos where one is to be able to get some degree of help

i.e funds, meds, books, transportation, training ect ect

What Ive found out is most report right off the bat "they have nop funds"

OR we stopped that program long ago.

So really found out little to help me in my case.

May try a few more tommorrow pending time and temperment on my part.

Catholic Charites put me through the most longest call telling me what i Might be qualified for and whats available.. only to end it saying well that is if they had funding...

DFS was a major joke. But did tell me I might be able for a free cheese giveaway next week lol lol I cant believe it.

So finishing all that with a sore ear and nerves decided to go get a Hagen Dauss !!! And it stayed down.

Will check more into churches tommorrow BUT more into their doctorine

Im not into "the right church" or the only church stuffs.

Although none around this part of country Im basic Mennonite in basic belief.... But they all are aobut the same in long run. Unless one goes the Tammy Baker jim Baker route or Jimmy Swaggart and i aint going to do that.

more interested in a basic family oriented type place that dont try to shove stuff at you...

Well thanks to all for the links and info.. Gave me something to do and check out..

and again Makwa is male.... Makwa is Ojibway for Bear

just for record.

camping hammock is all set up, so may go out to it and ponder a nap


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I am so sorry. I should have checked out the Cancer Care site (again) before posting the link. When I was looking for financial assistance and home care help for a friend of mine a few years ago they were able to help her (she had Lung Cancer). I'll try to find other sources of help.

I feel just terrible about this.

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I live in Virginia and I don't know how to help you but I'll see if BeckyCW has any ideas. She lives in California, but she is a professional fundraiser for children's cancer research and has worked with families, she might have some ideas or know who to ask for ideas. She is also my husband's big sister and she's on the board of this website.

OK, that being said, I just want to say I like you! You have a great sense of humor and I like your online name, that is cool, and your easy going outlook toward religion. You are taking care of your elderly stepmom? You are one good guy!

Keep us posted and I'll see what I can find out.

Love and God Bless,

Karen C.

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Makwa ~

Haven't had any contact with the Salvation Army for years, but when I was a kid there was a Salvation Army church on the corner of our street, and at that time, they were VERY good at helping anyone who needed help and did not insist that people join the church or any other restrictions. They gave food to people who needed it, ran supervised playgrounds for children in the neighborhood; had groups similar to boy scouts and girl scouts and children were furnished uniforms and everything needed -- nobody was asked for money or turned away from help because they didn't belong to the church.

If there's a Salvation Army listed in your area, you might try them.

Hope this helps.


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Guest makwa_04

Well we was just checking today more or less to have something to do.

Salvation Army is out allotted funding gone.

Although i could use some type of something on the next pain med refill

although i will scrape by barely.

Its not so much needing anythoing, just knowing wahts at hand and available.

And to be honest what places really want to help if needed

Will see tommorrow and do some more checking per time and how I feel

Thanks to all


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Guest makwa_04

Id say about half the places i was given with phone numbers had their phones disconnected or no longet in service.

So Id call back to Cancer Society and he would go over list with me.. Have you tryied this place and Id say yes or no.. If no he would give number.

And brief description.

Alot of places if they did answer had a machine on, that did not give name of the place just leave name and message.

Now ive oone the name and message gig before and no one want to talk to a machine that you never know if its going to call back or who will call back.

OR they want to put you on a waiting list.

Now iI will say something and IM NOT knocking the place or the org.


They come into your plant or office and have people there to do presentations to have people donate via payrool deduction to their company

and make great speeches.. well dang if you can get ahold of them on a local level !! was routed all over the place yesterday and all I wanted was the name of the local person in charge nad a PHONE number.. well i got neither.. The person they claimed that had the local in [st Louis} was on vacation 'Would I like to be connected to their voice mail"?????

Give me a break !

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