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Brain MRI Results


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I had a brain MRI yesterday because I have been having vision problems off and on in my left eye...

I didn't have a good feeling about this one but my doctor called today with the results. He said everything is absolutely clean in my head, my sinus cavities, my eye sockets... in fact, he said the inside of my head is beautiful! :lol:

My doctor and the Opthmologist seem to think that I am having opthomology migrains...I can live with them... :wink:

It is so nice to breathe again.....

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Debi ~

Have you been having headaches or just weird vision spots?

I have had 2 cases of crazy jagged flashes of light that I can see with or without my eyes shut. Doctor says I am fine, eye doc says I am fine.....just some sort of strange stress migraine without the pain.

Sounds like that might be what you have... :roll:

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I read something last week:

"We had aches and pains BEFORE we had cancer, and we will continue to have aches and pains. Not EVERYTHING is cancer."

But I was wondering if the person who wrote it really ever had cancer - 'cuz it's hard to not think that! LOL!

Great news!

Hugs and prayers,


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Thanks all..

Hebbie...same thing...

the one time it looked like a crazy Pacman with flashing xmas tree lights around him going back and forth across my vision...it is so hard to describe... I never knew there were migraines without headache pain..

And how true Sandy..things that I wouldn't pause over before now fill me with dread... so hard to balance on that be careful but not neurotic


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Whoopeeeeee Debi.

I have those 'opthomalic? cluster migraines' also. Have had them checked a couple of times over the last 20 years.

Just annoying. Dr. said change life style or take tranq's. Nope I'll just take that 20 minute rest every once and awhile.

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gooooooooooooooood for yooooooooooooooou

I had a flashing light which was really kind of weird. It reminded me of my college days . . .

Anyway, eye doctor said it's part of a common aging things--I have "floaters" which are kind of fun. Again, they flash me back to college . . .


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Well, your brain is beautiful...now if you could just work on those naughty thoughts! :shock:

Glad all was clear and nothing was found when a good look was taken at your brain...heheheh

Come to Ry's in July! C'mon....

Take care,


PS I guess Mom was right, PacMan WILL rot your brain!

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I used to dream of going to Hawaii or the Islands or Europe... now I have to choose between Michigan and Dollywood. :shock: I may just have to make a poll for this one!!! :wink:

And thank you David and yes, I saw A Beautiful Mind...I love that movie..it took me the whole time to "get it" though..

And to the rest of you ..thanks for your wonderful replies..I don't think I will EVER be able to leave this board and all of you.....you help to keep the insanity at a distance...

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Debi, congrats on the "empty head". I too, have the optic migranes...but it has been years now since I have had one. When I was your age they happened often. I guess my head is so clogged with "age" that there isn't room for the crazy pictures. I have an MRI of the brain next month and will be hoping to get to join the empty head club then.


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