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Fluid retention along incision

Guest DeeHee

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Guest DeeHee

Had lung cancer surgery 2/23 and have long lumpy area long incision. How long before this fluid gets absorbed back into system? Uncomfortable behind shoulder blade and along bra line. Any suggestions?

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My suggestion would be to talk to your doctor - either the surgeon or your general practitioner. Just be sure it's not infected - and discomfort is unnecessary. My incision is 16 months old and I still feel "tender" some days - especially when it's hot/humid and I'm retaining water.

Peace of mind, talk to a medical professional...

Take care,


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I'm sorry you're still so uncomfortable around your surgiccal site.

I agree with Becky -- If you are in doubt and have questions,

Call and talk to the oncologist or surgeon, or talk to one of their nurses. That's why they are there. You may be feeling inflammation under the skin from a second set of incisions/stitches underneath.

In any case, since the end of Feb isn't really a long time, only 3 months to heal a wound that deep... it does take time. So ask the Dr.

I hope he can ease your fears.




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Hi Dee,

Glad to see you posted (one) of your questions to the board! :roll::wink: I know you have another question that (WEIGHS) on your mind or should I say your INCISION?

I know you have a chemo coming up soon, but I do hope you will call one of your doc's and see what he/she thinks of this "long lumpy area" you are having so much problem and discomfort with.

Keep us posted.

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