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Card Circle Friends

Connie B

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Hello to you All,

I just wanted to drop a little line and mention that we have what is called a "Card Circle". What is a Card Circle you ask? It's a group of LCSC members who have been a part of this board for a while now, and they have sooooo graciously offered to send by snail mail cards to those that could use a pick me up or those that have lost a loved one or just in need of TLC. We offer this to ALL the members on this board.

At this time, I don't need anyone to (SEND) cards, but if you wish to be added to the (RECEIVE a CARD LIST) all you have to do is PM me your full name and address and I will add you to our Card Circle List. This list is private and confidential and all the Members of the SEND list know these names and addresses are NOT to be given out to ANYONE at ANYTIME!

We have had wonderful response to our Card List and we hope to continue to bring comfort and support to all those that are in need, and even some of those that aren't.

So, if your interested, please feel free to PM me your name and address and I will put you on our Card Circle list ASAP. If you have questions, please feel free to PM me and I will reply to you in private.

Much Love and Support to you All,

Connie B.

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Dear Board Members,

I encourage you to participate in this wonderful program. My thanks to Connie for her recent card "just because." Connie I love you girl! It really has touched my heart and it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for caring! P.s. Connie, can we get an updated list of names and addresses?

Thank you,


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Your MORE then Welcome Cheryl,

It's soooo easy sending cards to people you love and care about. And it's so nice to know people appreciate them. I know when I was going through all my surgeries last year, the cards were a big part of lifting my spirits. NOT TO MENTION ALL THE WORK DONNA G put into printing off all the wonderful, kind, supportive messages everyone here had to share with me. BLESS DONNA'S HUGE HEART! Love you Donna G!

I am working on a NEW Card Circle Membership list. I have a few new ones so far that will be added. I wish to give people a few days to reply and then I will send on out.

Love you too Cheryl and Jack!

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