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We Could be Turning a Corner

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Hello everyone. I know I've been remiss in writing for a while now, [and our 17 yo is a counselor away at camp you'd think I'd have more time!]; but my time has been chewed up literally between taking care of my husband [if I don't remind him he doesn't EAT~]; getting meds; and trouble-shooting side effects with pharmacists and doctors~

He is into week two of whole brain radiation and spinal. The good news is that thank God, he is pretty much off the every-two-hour 3-6 oxycodones he was taking so I guess that means radiation is working in his spine at least~ Thank you God. The pain was just awful for him there for a while. Course, the flipside is that even with all of the ensure, the ice cream, the whatever-I-can-Get-Him-to-eat stuff - he's still loosing weight~ And the radiation just wipes him out in a big way. He is still working half days [as of today~] and I think he sees enough now himself that there just ain't no way he can work full time. If we have radiation at 7:30 am. by noon he's had it.

And I'm pretty sure that he will be seeking disability in the immediate future. It is just becoming toooo tiring, tooo taxing mentally, just too exhaustive to try to work and take care of himself too.

I've no idea what that means for me just yet and my full time job but hey ya know? This is the way I look at life these days -- I am convinced beyond a doubt that [my] God didn't bring me this far to leave me now, ya know what I mean???? And I ain't sweatin it.

So for now it's eight more radiation treatments and we'll take another look at finishing our regimen of chemo and THEN new tests~

Any thoughts out there on weight loss in the face of eating food Oh, and, swelling of his feet and ankles? I'm concerned about CHF but the doctors aren't -- these guys seem to be such pro's, they're hardly concerned about anything~ [sorry]..... I'm sure some of you can relate. That's my story, that's where we are today and I am praying for our tomorrows.

Big hugs to you all -



Husband diagnosed 12/03 w/Stage 4 SCLC

mets to spine/liver/bones/and now brain.

Had to get off Taxol-carbo because of neuropathy;

switched to CPT-11.

Cat scan from back pain showed single lesion in brain. Started

whole brain and spine radiation 6/2 for three weeks.


Mine is the prayer fo Surrender~ because I am Powerless.

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Others have recommended Weight Gainer 2200 for weight loss. It is a powder that helps put on weight. Dean just posted a good shake recipe using it. There is also a drug to increase appetite called megace. Ensure comes in pudding form if he doesn't like liquid and Carnation Instant Breakfast is also a good option.

Good luck and again welcome to the wives club~


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It's great to see you again, touching base. It sounds like things are improving with Bob and you have a great attitude.

There is not much you can do for the loss of appetite except what you are doing. Jim took Marinol and Megace and it didn't seem to do much of anything except make him high. I was his greatest drug of choice, creating food with love, mind you I gained alot of weight showing him how good my cooking was. Seriously, reminding him every hour to eat was the key to keeping the weight on even if it was an Ensure.

Keep the faith...


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Hi Beth,

As Rochelle said the weight gain 2200 works wonders, my daughter works at GNC and recomends it to everyone on Chemo, I mix a little protein powder and a couple scoops of ice cream all in the blender with it and he will drink it even likes it. He has gained back over 25 lbs since using it.

I know what you mean about reminding him to eat my Husband is the same way I try to leave little snacks for him because he won't get it himself, even when he says he is not hungary I make him something and he usually winds up eating it, once I put it out. It has been awful hot here so that does a number on your appitite also, but I did get a prescription from the Dr. for just in case it is Megace.

Prayers for you and your Hubby


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If he likes ice cream a shake with ice cream, weight gainer 2200 and milk is a great way to fight the weight loss. Worked wonders for me. You can find Weight Gainer at Rite Aide or GNC. It's a poweder that comes in a bunch of different flavors. I'd mix up a blender full of the stuff and that would do me for the day. It worked so well I had to stop using it as I not only gained back the weight I'd lost but started putting on extra! :)


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Thanks everyone for your testimonials and support! It sounds like I need to go and try this Weight Gain 2200 -- I'm so grateful that I put it out there for ya'll to share with me.

I think I'll try that. Had another powder dinner-thing from a nutritionist [even mixed with Old Fashioned Peanut Butter and bananas] but he didn't like the gritty taste from the Glutamite. We'll try this.

See, I think thought that no matter what I do it's the Glutamite that makes it yucky for him~. But I'm scared to not keep him on it cause he is profoundly week he can hardly walk now and this stuff is a steroid-like powder stuff that is supposed to help muscles.

Maybe though with the ice cream it will make a diffence. I'm going to get it. Thanks so much~

Elaine - thank you for your warm hello. It feels good to be around. Too easy to get caught up in our tight little isolated world ya know???

Hugs -


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