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proud Catholic


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I was driving around town yesterday, and there was a car with a bumper sticker that said "Proud Catholic" on it. Now I happen to be Catholic, though ridiculously liberal for being a Catholic, and my bible knowledge isn't that of a theologian, but isn't pride one of the seven deadly sins. So would this be the theological equivalent of :

Lustful Lutheran

Envious Episcopalean

Gluttenous Baptist

Sorry, that's as far as I could go. Don't remember the rest. My confirmation teacher would be disappointed.


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Angry agnostics?

Greedy Greek orthodox(es)?

Slothful Seventh-Day Adventists?

Curtis, I remember, as a kid, wondering what was so bad about pride. I thought we were supposed to be proud of our school, our parents, ourselves, etc.

And then there was "fear of God". I thought God loved me; why should I be afraid of Him? Religion is so confusing for kids.

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