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TBONE, MIA again. Is he still walking?


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Has anyone heard from TBONE since he began walking? SHeesh he may be walking accross the country by now and may turn up at any one of our doors. :shock:

I hope your absence means you are walking and doing all kinds of other good stuff!

Haven't seen the sisters either--.

Check-in time.


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This is too funny I was about to fine Tbone for being absent without a hall pass. Don't make me call you Tbone, one of the sisters gave up your number. Actually, she gave up the whole family. :P

When was that trip he wanted to take?

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Elaine, I'm glad you posted this! I was thinking the same thing earlier! That's a heck of a walk.

The whole Tbone clan: TeeTaa, TeaCake, and ViVi have gone MIA.

Somebody better pop their head in and say hello or The Keeper Of The Keys/numbers (Ry) will be giving you a call. I even checked and he hasn't posted for 6 whole days - definitely fineable, right Ry?


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I'd suggest chickens...but I dunno...he'd think the yard birds was for eatin' or somethin'... :roll:

Come back, T-Bone, before your fine money subsidizes Ry's big bash in the tropics...plane fare and take your favorite doctor included...hehehe


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OKAY, OKAY, OKAY ALREADY!! We're all still here!! Thanks to Angie for PM'ing me - your concern just warms my heart.

TBone and this walking thing have gotten out of hand . . . Fay A., I think you'd better be looking out your window, cause he might be showing up soon. Georgia to California - what a walk! :lol: Seriously, he had his 4th chemo treatment on Monday, and didn't sleep well that night (probably because of the Decadron) and didn't feel well the next day, I think he's been some better since then. Overall, he seems to think the Taxotere is working. He's still trying to walk regularly, and has regained his appetite to some extent. His family is headed to the beach on Monday for the week, and my girls and I will be down there for a few days also. So I'll REALLY be able to give an update in a week or so!

I can't speak for ViVi and TeaCake, but I'd guess they've just been busy. As for me, I simply had to step back for a while and regroup. I'd been so busy with end-of-the-school-year stuff and the Relay that I couldn't see straight. PLEASE accept my most sincere apologies for the MIA status - and let me know if I need to get a 2nd mortgage on my house to pay the late fee for a hall pass. :lol::lol:

I promise to do better at keeping up!



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Thanks for all the concern, Folks.

I have no excuse other than moving into a newly purchased home and unpacking and unpacking and unpacking.......

I'm sure this Florida trip will perk Bone up. And walking on the beach is always therapeutic.

Everybody take care,

Fran (Teacake)

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Hi everybody,

TBone is doing ok.This last round of chemo really fatiqued me and I still don't have an appetite.I didn't get on the puter for a few days because I found myself getting depressed every time I got on here.I just needed a few days to try not to think cancer I think.Me and my family and Tee Taa and her girls and some more friends are going to Florida after my chemo tomorrow morning.We are going deep sea fishing on Thursday and back home on Friday.I promise to post more when I get back.Thanks for all the concern.Love all of you and contiinue to pray for us all.TBone

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Yeah, Tbone, I can understand wanting to forget about the cancer.

Have fun in Florida which is where I live BTW. Southeast coast about 60 miles North of Miami. I LOVE the ocean. It's where I go to get inspired, forget about the mundane details of life, and know that there is a much larger universe out there.


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I wish I could explain why I haven't posted lately, but I just can't. I'm sorry if you don't understand, but I imagine that most of you do understand.

Now - the update - the trip to the beach must have been REALLY nice. I didn't go, but Tee-Taa and GiGi kept me very well informed. I'm going to let TBone and/or Tee Taa tell and/or show you what they "accomplished" (Dean Carl, eat your heart out!) I'm sure they will be posting soon.

We've all needed a break and I think this break was exactly what TBone needed, but then NOBODY speaks for TBone except TBone so I'll let him tell you about it.

I think about every single one of you every single day. My not posting is not a reflection of my concern and love for each of you. Please know that.


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