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Remembering Dave

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OK, everyone, this is a little off topic, but last night Faith graduated from the two year old class and on Monday moves up to the three year old class!

Now, what is so wonderful about this is:

1. She's not turning three in a Chinese orphanage. She's turning three in a HOME with PARENTS who love her more than anything!

2. She's turning three with with a Daddy who is healthy!

3. One year after Dave's future, his very life, was totally uncertain, we are celebrating our little girl moving up through the world together as a family.

Everyday life is full of miracles!

God Bless,

Karen C.

(p.s. Faith doesn't actually turn three until September 3, but she's graduating into the three year old class, most of her "comrades" are already three).

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1. If in a Chinese orphanage, she may not have seen three..

2. Yee-haw.

3. Isn't that GREAT?? Now on to brothers and/or sisters.... :wink:

No matter what, time marches on. My baby is now 12 with all the attitude that involves (oh MY, the HAIR thing - I thought I was bad at that age!)...

Enjoy and continue to LIVE as a family!

All my best,


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Karen, Thanks for reminding us of miracles, especially those that come in tiny human form. Thanks to both of you for believing in miracles. They can't happen unless you believe.


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