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need advise


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Can anyone tell me how to get the info from the hospice unit,concerning his meds that were administered the last few hours. Does the family have the right to the records at a inpatient hospice unit.......only there for 6.5 hours.

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You may hit a snag with the new HIPPA laws. They should be able to release it to whomever they had permission to give medical information to when he was alive (his daughter I presume?). He should have signed a release of information form at some time during his hospital stay.

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I know alittle bit about this as I have had to gather my husbands records over the last several months. Since things happened so swiftly for us, we did not have all the signed forms for release but I did find this out for the state I live in. If there was a will, the person named to be the executor (sp) of the will has the ability to request all records. If he was married, usually his wife can request these without too many problems as long as you have the death certificate. If neither of these apply, I am not sure how you would go about getting the records. Check with the facility and see what their requirements are. I have found that each place has their own little quirks about releasing records. Hopefully you or someone in the family had a power of attorney done. That will also give you access.

Best of luck in getting the records you want. Be aware, you might get a hassle but be persistant. It can be done.

My prayers are with you durning this difficult time.


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