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chemo next week


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Hi.... we found out monday that my dad will be starting chemo next week. We were hoping that he could do without it. The first time it was mentioned Dad didnt want anything to do withit. He seen many of his friends suffer through it. I'm so afraid for him, but I know it has to done. I just hope we did the right thing by talking him into it. I feel we need to ask the onc. questions, like what kind of chemo, will he get anything for discomfort.. If someone could let me know what I need to ask the onc. I trust your input .... cathy p:s how did your husbands doctor visit go Rosanne?

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I hope you have introduced your father to this web site and message board. By now you have discovered that many on this site are like myself, lung cancer survivors. Many of us have been where your father is now, and have survived the different treatment programs. Chemo is something that each individual reacts to differently. Not having been through it myself, I do know that much is being done to counteract the nausea associated with chemo. If I was faced with that decision, I would opt for the chance to beat the disease.

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Hi Cathy

I'm so sorry that your Dad has this disease, but please don't let Chemo scare either of you.

I have been on chemo since September of last year. Yes, I've had

a little nausea, days when I'm really tired and a few problems with my

veins..........BUT I'm working full time, am involved with my son's sports

activities, visit friends, go on weekend trips, garden and most importantly I spend QUALITY time with my family.

I remember almost 4 years ago when my 70 year Father was told to have

chemo after surgery for colon cancer. My whole family freaked out, we

all thought my Dad would be sick and miserable for six months. He pretty much sailed through it. In fact my Dads experience made me less afraid when I started Chemo.

I know that some people react differently than others to chemo, but

there are so many drugs that help with chemo that were'nt around years


I Thank God for Chemo, as I know it give me a fighting chance to have

more time with my family!!!!!

God Bless You and Your Dad


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My mom just started chemo this week. So far she has felt fine. Today she is starting to feel tired and a mouth sore is developing. SHe's felt no nausea. They gave her intravenous anti nausea meds with her first treatment. I think you made a good choice. Chemo is fighting the cancer. Unfortunately many people with cancer need chemo to fight their battle. My friend just recently went through chemo for NSCLC and she wasn't too badly affectected by it. Just tired when she first started receiving treatments and a few days of flu like symptoms. But that went away. Praying that chemo will go well for your Dad.

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Thank you all sooooooo much for responding back, if anything I feel better about it and I know everyone reacts different, its so comforting to hear it from people who have been through it. Dad will be glad to hear it also. Tomorrow is his Birthday we're having a small celebration for him, just my mom and my brothers and sisters and grandchildren. Theres over 20 of us so it will be nice... thank you for your thoughts and prayers... as my thoughts and prayers are with you as well.....cathy

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