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Stress we know is not healthy

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I recently heard and I quote

Stress isn't something that just happens to us,

It's created by our own thinking.

I have often thought that if I could go through lung cancer treatment without a cigarette , that I can now go through any stress without one. Does that mean that perhaps there never was a reason to smoke , I just made one up.? Is it that we believe something is frightening so it is? Do you think we could not have stress? Would that make us healthy?

What do you think?

Is having a positive attitude the opposite of stress?

Donna G

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I've read that stress as long as it does not dominate us can be healthy.But of course we do not need it often "right".Optomist get sick too,but also from what i've read are in general healthier.

In the biblical passages i wrote about their is also a verse that say's worry will make us sick,and now after over 2,000 year's our Modern upto date medical profession is now talking about it..HMmmmmmmm..

My advise is keep the Faith with Hope and prayer ...

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Yes, I believe a positive mental state is the opposite of stress.

Stress causes a dampening of the immune system, as it causes cortisol to be released. Stress causes a physiological change in the body's functioning. I understand that because of this the opposite must hold and that a lack of stress, and even better still a positive mental attitude helps the immune system. As my sister and I have mentioned many times, Ian Gawler is a fine example of this. He had a terminal cancer (not lung, but an osteogenice sarcoma with widespread metastases) and he attributes his 27 year survivorship, after being given two weeks to live, mainly to a combination of diet therapy and meditation. Read his story on www.gawler.org It is an inspiration.



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